Dr. Lisa, Atika-J and I talk about survivors guilt, and passionately discuss the unspoken and unreported realities of "safe supply"

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Hello, I'm Chris Horder (aka Chuck LaFLange) the host of the Ashes to Awesome podcast, dedicated to illuminating the stories and challenges of those affected by addiction and related challenges. Through my personal journey, I've managed to surmount the odds, transitioning from a survivor of addiction (one year sober on Oct 21st) and PTSD to an advocate and member of a community that spans several countries, and proudly promotes stopping stigma and using love and inclusion to help both individuals who suffer in addiction and their loved ones.

I am ecstatic and humbled to share that I've been awarded a scholarship for trauma treatment at the Yatra Center in Phuket, Thailand. This incredible opportunity not only provides me with healing tools but also allows me to continue my mission in a setting that supports sustainable living, with a much lower cost of living, making my podcasting and advocacy even more impactful.

My family, ever my pillars of strength, have generously stepped in to cover my airfare.

However, there's a hurdle in this otherwise amazing journey: my current podcasting setup. To ensure I continue providing quality content and stories, I need a laptop robust enough for intensive video processing. A past endeavor saw a previous laptop overwhelmed by the demands, and I'm determined not to let technical constraints deter my mission this time. My current desktop computer is just too big to take with me.

While sponsorships for the podcast have been a blessing, covering most of my expenses, I still occasionally lean on my family for essential needs.

In this new chapter, Yatra Treatment Center graciously covers my first month's living expenses in Thailand. Post that, I'm charting my path, with a heart full of determination but pockets that could use some bolstering.

That's where you come in. I'm reaching out to this amazing community to help me secure the laptop that can keep up with our shared mission and maybe a safety net for those unpredictable moments.

In gratitude, every donation, whether from kind individuals or benevolent organizations, will be acknowledged in my podcast episodes.

This isn't just my calling; it's our collective journey. I've always found ways to push through, but with your support, we can make the path a little smoother. Let's turn ashes into something truly awesome, together.

Thank you for being a part of this story.

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