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Ryan and I explore the complex world of personal boundaries and the pitfalls of enabling behaviors in our latest episode. We delve deep into the intricacies of establishing healthy limits and the consequences of unintentionally fostering dependency. This discussion is essential for anyone seeking to understand and navigate the delicate balance between support and over-involvement, especially relevant in the context of addiction and mental health.

Our conversation is a vital resource for comprehending the nuances of supportive relationships versus enabling dynamics. Whether you're on a journey of recovery, supporting a loved one, or simply aiming to build healthier interactions, this episode sheds light on the critical role of boundaries in fostering independence and respect.

Tune in for insightful perspectives, enriched with personal experiences and practical advice, all delivered with a touch of humor. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to gain clarity and strategies for maintaining healthy boundaries and avoiding the traps of enabling.

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Hello everyone, Chris Horder here, also known as Chuck LaFlange from the Ashes to Awesome podcast. Join me as I navigate through the intricacies of addiction and trauma, a journey I'm intimately familiar with. I'm thrilled to share a significant milestone in my life – celebrating one year of sobriety as of October 21, 2023!

Exciting developments are on the horizon: I've been granted a remarkable opportunity for therapeutic healing at the Yatra Center in the picturesque Phuket, Thailand. This move isn't only about personal development; it's a strategic decision to sustain our podcast in a financially viable environment. My family has generously funded my travel expenses, yet I'm currently facing a financial gap.

While our podcast garners some sponsorship revenue, it falls short of covering all expenses. Thankfully, the Yatra Center has graciously offered to cover my first month's accommodation in Thailand. However, the financial road ahead remains uncertain.

This is where I turn to you, our incredible community, for support. Your contributions, big or small, are immensely valuable. To express my gratitude, I'll personally acknowledge your generosity on our podcast. If your life has been touched by addiction, we can honor your story or that of your loved one.

Your donation, whether it's a modest $5, a heartfelt $25, or a substantial $100, will profoundly impact my journey of healing and growth.

Embark on this transformative chapter with me. Your support means the world, and I'm grateful for you being a part of both this journey and my story. To contribute, please visit our donation page here.

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