Ryan Bathgate

Ryan Bathgate

Co-Host/Star of Kaleidoscope Wednesday's - Ryan Bathgate Counselling & Consulting

Ryan Bathgate is a passionate champion of mental health and societal enhancement. His unique perspective is that our deliberate actions shape the world, especially during life's trials, embodying the essence of personal freedom as celebrated by German philosopher, Nietzsche.

Holding a Master's degree from Royal Roads University, Ryan has explored the intricate interplay of human behavior within society. His academic insights are seamlessly integrated with his professional experience in mental health and substance use therapy, driving his commitment to reshaping societal norms and values.

At the forefront of community engagement, Ryan leads a team dedicated to supporting a diverse community, advocating for justice, and sharing in the collective human experience. His career, spanning over 15 years in various community service roles, has been profoundly influenced by the mentorship of Michael Wilson.

Ryan's role in the "Ashes to Awesome" podcast is a natural extension of his life's mission. Through the podcast, he brings his insights and experiences to a wider audience, discussing the transformative journeys from the depths of struggle to the heights of triumph. His contributions to the podcast underscore the themes of recovery, transformation, and the power of human resilience. As a father,

Ryan is deeply motivated to contribute to a world that will be kinder for his daughters, challenging the stigmas around narcotics use, mental health, judicial stigma, unjust policies, and advocating for a society that values humanistic principles above punitive judgments.

Ryan's narrative is not just about his philosophical beliefs but about living them out loud, making his insights an inspiring call to action for listeners of the "Ashes to Awesome" podcast and beyond, to engage with his vision of transformation and collective upliftment.

Ryan welcomes questions from watcher, listeners and supporters. Every Wednesday, Ryan and Chuck release a feature called Kaleidoscope Wednesday, and for a segment of the episode, Ryan aims to answer all engagements submitted. 

If you have questions and/or comments for Ryan, you can submit them through any of the Ashes to Awesome Social Media's or email ashestoawesomepodcast@gmail.com

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